Frederic Charette

Fractional CTO: Building engineering organizations, one commit at a time.


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Hello there! I'm an Advisor and a Fractional CTO. My experience centers around interactive media, e-commerce, open-source and FinTech.

I have over 15 years of experience building SAAS products and some of my greatest achievements are:

  • developing performance-saving algorithms for high traffic sites like,
  • growing teams and departments of dozens of engineers for startups including Moka and Pleo and
  • volunteering with learning circles like Les Pitonneux

I also like to write about development practices, hiring and strategy. I have also spoken at conferences and meetups on more technical topics like my open-source projects.

On a personal note, I enjoy working on the farm, hiking, fishing and hunting. I've been playing drums for 13 years and have recorded a few (horrible) demos. I'm based in Quebec, Canada. My native languages are French and English.

What is a Fractional CTO?

A Fractional CTO is an experienced leader that can manage different projects or aspects of the business contractually. Depending on the size and the needs of the business, the role of the Fractional CTO can vary from strategic vision to hands-on development.

Personally, I am most comfortable working with companies from pre-seed to series B. It is usuallly an exciting phase full of growth, creativity and opportunity.

Some of my responsibilities can include:

- Product and technology strategy
- Recruiting, hiring and training
- Architecture and development

The contractual nature of the offering usually means that we can choose the duration of the mandate and its scope depending your needs. In turns, this means more money in your pockets, no hard commitments and most of all, zero equity cost.

The SlackerNews Podcast

I've gathered a group of industry experts to raise collective knowledge about good engineering practices and career growth. We call ourselves the Slackers. Episodes are coming in Q2 2023. Stay tuned!

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